Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Life is sad;
Life is a bust.
All you can do,
is do what you must

Bob Dylan's an inspiration. Saw him in concert a few years ago, and must admit that his recorded stuff is better. He certainly has not aged well. I absolutely love this song. Listen to it every time it rains, along with the rest of my rain play-list, which makes my pen (or keys) dribble out thoughts like these...

In my dream, you looked like a pirate
and I said
you need a haircut
and you agreed
so I said
let's go
and we went
Thinks she's too old for plucking petals
from daisies.
There are some things we should just know.

Her toes curled over that sharp ledge, 
she looks out at marshmallow skies, 
which twitter with sparrows,
with the symphony of late August.
An applause of fallen leaves
sweeps the ground.
A standing ovation
persuades her
to stay for
Act II
Spent days filling her journal with all the stories of her life.
She figured those things happened
simply so that she could write them,
and please others
with her fairy tales.  

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