Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet the south (pt 1)

So, we made it down south. Took us two 8-hour days to make it down to Atlanta, and now we're working our way back up the East. 

 Where to begin?
First off, pizza down here is nothing like up in NY. Really fluffy, and 
way more focus on the cheese than I'm used to. Cholesterol. Yum. 

Secondly, I've seen every kind of building you can imagine converted into a church. 
Houses, industrial-style garages off of the high way, 
you name a location, people are praying there down here.

And, as expected, we got lost. However, it was not our typical experience. More of an adventure than a stomach-dropping, fear your life, detour. My mom and I took the Blue Ridge Parkway through Virginia, which was gorgeous. But, we got off too soon, and ended up navigating our way through some very rural regions of the state...without a map.

Met up with some friends along the way--A nice way to break up all the driving! 
So happy that they were willing to meet up, on short notice in some cases. 
Seeing them made up for all of our strange gas-station-clerk interactions,
helicopter parents on college tours, and the bizarre wine-bar dinner
we just had in suburban North Carolina.

Stranger experiences await, including the aforementioned NC dinner, a giant peach off the high way in South Carolina. But for now, I need to catch up on some sleep, been a little deprived lately.

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