Friday, August 5, 2011

Thumbin' My Way to North Caroline ♫

         And she embarks on yet another road trip! (Though I won't be hitch-hiking, as the title suggests.)

         Waking up with the sun tomorrow and headed down the East Coast to see some states I've never seen before.

         Looking forward to the stack of CDs I just burned, with classics...The Marvelettes, Beatles, Talking Heads, Jackson 5, Franki Valli, Tina Turner, The Supremes. And then some slightly more modern hits, Tom Petty, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Kooks, Michael Franti, The 88...and so much more.     

         My mother informed me that our diet will consist of diet coke and pretzels (I need to get my gluten levels up before my test next week. Ugh...) But I stocked up on some veggies, since I'm practically addicted to baby carrots these days.

         I'll be sure to update whenever I get wifi. If you don't hear from me for a while, maybe it's because I got stuck staring at the world's largest ball of yarn, or some other crazy pit stop down I-95.

         While you anxiously await my next post, listen to these... a few of my classic driving songs.

Because it's just so good. 

Becoming a bit too obsessed with this song this summer. 

 A bit of a downer, but I love it nonetheless

Got this one from the movie You Me and Dupree.
Pretty good, and definitely more upbeat than that last one.

OK, now I need some beauty rest. 

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