Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hues of Gold

Autumn has dominated as my favorite season throughout my life. Knowing me, that's probably because its the sweetest sounding of all the words. Winter sounds bitter to the ear and spring brings images of coiled metal to the forefront of my mind, too bouncy. 

I must admit that I love summer, with its heat and promise of barbeques and thunderstorms. Who can deny the magic of crazy, hazy, lazy days? I'm a sucker for campfires and stargazing. But, nothing can compare to how I feel about the month of October.

The distinct smell of leaves on the lawn, the taste of pumpkin pie, the trees decorated with hues of gold and auburn. A fresh start to the school year. Wood-stoves starting up again. Boots.

In 9th grade, I found out that my best friend Michelle, who grew up in Florida, had never raked a pile of leaves and jumped into them. And so, we gathered every maple leaf from my lawn, with help from my dad's leaf-blower, and dove into the heart of autumn. (For Michelle if you read this, I was wearing a hat.) Then we made some chicken parmigiana, hot, delicious food perfect for a chilly day.

Anyway, the seasons are changing again. I know summer doesn't officially end until late Sepetmber, but in New England, we like to speed up the process. (The amount of Halloween candy and decorations in stores is unnerving these days.) I'm spending the rest of the day packing up for school, and enjoying the last few drops of sunshine before senior year begins.

My posts probably won't be as regular this fall, just because I have so much to keep track of once classes begin. However, I hope to post at least once a week, as to not lose track of my writing.

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