Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On love and music

            Could you pick me out in a crowd?
            Without my screaming aloud?
            Would your eyes meet mine,
            In a packed room?
            Or in an empty room?


They’ll fall--
            rain drops from petals
            And snap--
            Into place, a perfect fit
            puzzle pieces
A Tenderness lost
            that was never meant to stay,
            It was meant to be this way.
They may not have fallen
            into love
            any other day.

            The windows of her mind,
            Every single pane shut out
            by ice,
            Which cuts like a sword,
            Through your pure heart,
            Or jabs into a stone,
            Only to disappear when
            The right person
            Sheds his warmth,
           Wanting to melt that cold away.

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