Monday, January 2, 2012

Notecard Nonsense

Thinking about the past, because it's easier.
The future is too big. Undefined. Perplexing.

skewed sense of perception
on one too many levels.

Maybe one day I'll wonder where the time went. 
Until then I'll just sit here and wonder how it can best be spent 

 Too hard on herself.                   
even though she claims to know the truth, 
she still thinks perfection is possible.  

Its not just background noise.

Wishes she had lived in the 1930s 
so that she could have grown up with her great grandmother,
her last words: “That girl has no hips to hold that baby.”
If only her grandmother could see what she's
become these days.

Tries her best every day,
Even when she’s strained.
And they hold her high up for that.
So high, she’s scared to fall.


Still remembers the day he told her dandelions are weeds. But to her they're still beautiful little flowers...

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 Dreams are for the undetermined.
Wishing is for fairy tale characters
Hoping is for the weak.
Those who wake up willing to engage
in their experiences and to take risks,
They will achieve the empty dreams
wishes and hopes of others.  

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