Monday, October 17, 2011

The land of milk and honey

Drinking a mug of tea and stuffing my face with a gluten free waffle (which I topped with whipped cream and strawberries to distract from the dryness of the questionable food material. How can something be gluten, egg and dairy free? What the heck is even in it? I'm scared to look.)

I'm so thankful that we had a 4 day weekend. Got the chance to go home and stay here for more than 24 hours. Walked through my neighborhood today, in the lovely fall weather. It'd have been perfect if not for my insane allergies. Long weekends give me time to breathe, which is nice, because I love oxygen more than most other things. Except maybe coffee. Regardless of my infatuation with the hot drink (or occasionally iced), this weekend gave me a break from coffee. Only one cup each morning!

About to plug in my strand of star-lights and crank out some more college essays. Or perhaps just go to bed early and listen to the mice and critters that have found their way into my walls for the winter...eerie.


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