Sunday, August 14, 2011

Note Card of the Day

The only interesting tidbits of today include the following pieces of info that were scribbled down on note cards during my breakfast shift. Inspired by the simple facts that I am allergic to kiwis, and I really really dislike ketchup. Especially on eggs.

Enjoy. I promise to post more engaging musings...soon.

 Just happy with the fact that
she could enjoy her rice-cereal 
with kiwis and fresh berries.
And just happy that he could
treat his 99-year-old mother like the queen,
as they laughed and strutted out
into the rain, in their little fluorescent jackets
and New Balance sneakers. 

What does it say about you, 
that I pegged you as the type
who would eat ketchup on eggs?
What does it say about me
that I can peg people
as the types who would eat

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