Thursday, July 14, 2011

Variety Hour

Early start to the day- Headed on an adventure...first east, then north. 
Wanted to leave you with some stuff to peruse while I'm gone, since I won't be posting much until Saturday or Sunday (please check back, though!) 

The theme of this week's Variety Hour is dreams...~

I always buy cards in this style. They have the best quotations!!
"Around My Head" by Cage the Elephant, performed on David Letterman. 
I always play this song after I have a dream about an old friend or memory that I didn't particularly want to relive in my subconscious. 
Best line: "You got me tangled like a braid, tied twisted." (though I sing it, "like a bread-tie twisted", because I like the sound of that much better. Way more original)

My brother got me into this band-- New rock, pretty good stuff. I have two of their albums off of itunes. Check them out! 

And from his tongue leapt promises--emptier than their cabinets,
and his pockets.
But at least his words were rich enough to satisfy
her most ambitious dreams.
{piece from a Tori Original Notecard, dated 2010}



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