Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Creme Brulee Finger & Stupidity

        Had a minor finger surgery today. They pumped a ton of anesthetics into my middle finger, and removed some strange foreign object that I don't remember ever entering my poor hand. The doctor used some strange fire-related tool to "seal up the wound." The process reminded me of creme brulee, although not as appetizing.

        As I was driving home, I ended up behind this tiny, beat up automobile with all of these heinous, right-wing bumper stickers. Now, I can try to understand Republicans and hear them out if they present their ideals sanely. What I don't understand is stupidity. One of this woman's stickers read "When Liberals ask you for change, say you don't have any." Tell me how this is cooperative, kind, or hopeful. When I read that, I felt sorry for her. All I could think was Wow, you really have no sense of spirit, and no desire to help bring about change.  
        I'm not a fan of party politics. I don't think having a wing-system brings us any closer to accomplishments, because the game of politics itself detracts from the issues we face as a nation. When we all sit around and complain about the administration, or slap meaningless stickers on our bumpers, we simply feed the problem and make it larger. The only way to make things better is by finding representatives who will act instead of speak, who will go out in do instead of dwell on mistakes.

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