Sunday, July 10, 2011

On the improbability of changing others

You laugh until you cry,
You cry until you laugh,
Everyone must breath
Until their dying breath. ~ Regina Spektor

Oxygen to the blood, body and brain is essential to life. I could get scientific and state the reasons for this, but I passed AP Bio and would like to go down a different road right now.
            You can’t change people unless they’re willing to be changed by you. I try to fight this; I try to justify actions and analyze conversations, tendencies, and emotions. I break them down as if they are scientific notations that could be re-written in a way that can be understood. In fact, most things can be boiled down, condensed, picked apart to tidbits. But, they become indistinguishable pieces of a greater idea, and these tidbits rarely represent the person as a whole, a disintegration which renders the whole process useless.   
            I’ve attempted to change the way people are or how they act or simply how I view them. It always fails. In the end, we control our own breathing. We only have power over ourselves. My telling my mother to not eat a dozen Oreos for lunch will not deter her, but rather make her angry. Debate, as much as I love it, rarely succeeds in convincing one opponent to change his position; it only provokes argument. Thinking that the person whom your heart vacantly aches for will wake up one day and realize he’s wrong will probably leave you pretty lonely. Some parts of life aren’t worth meddling with, and so we musn’t try to get involved past the points where we’ve been welcomed. Like the human instinct to breathe, some things cannot be changed until death.  

Post inspired by this Regina Spektor song. I like it, for the most part...except for the part about November Rain, for reasons left unexplained.

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