Thursday, July 28, 2011


Some things go together.
Peanut butter and chocolate, 

White & Black
Sun & Sand,
Movies & Popcorn,
Macaroni & Cheese,
Wine & Cheese,
Batman & Robin,
John & Yoko.

Things go together because the compliment one another. One has qualities that the other lacks. They're responsible for picking up the slack. They work together and don't hold each other back. 

Things that go together fit. There's no question that hands were meant to be held, because the shapes mold so easily. Similarly, we complete puzzles by finding the edges that compliment one another, the edges that snap into place.

We don't doubt that plain shorts go with patterned tops or that 
ice cream is topped with whipped cream. No other arrangements would really make sense, and certainly wouldn't be appealing to the eye or tongue. 
Combinations of words sound smooth together, like classic poems, nursery rhymes, or 
the rhythms of 50 cent or slam poets. 
Assonance and alliteration build sentences that flow 
like honey out of lips and into ears, 
beautiful for the whole world to hear.

Dynamic duos are timeless. 
We remember combinations, 
whether they're the codes to our safes,
the artists playing on our radio,
or the sustenance between two slices of whole wheat bread. 

And then there are things that don't go together,
like milk shakes and cartwheels,
sushi and bowling
(a combo I experienced this evening),
texting and driving, 
and, well, I'm drawing a blank.
I guess combos are a bit more memorable
than non-combos!! 

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