Friday, July 29, 2011

Stephen Colbert Super PAC 
        I love Stephen Colbert for making such a loud point about pacs, money and politics. He's proving that money talks, loudly. But that's all it does, talks.

        I went online and wrote in 106 characters or less what I stand for (and you should too!) I think words and conversations beat out silence, but immediate action beats out words. We need to spend less time arguing over the debt crisis, and more time making actual changes. Only by doing can we get things done. Now, this philosophy may appear naive. Surely we can't just jump into action whenever we feel like it, otherwise we may find ourselves treading water in the middle of a decade long war that's taking more than it's giving. Surely laws need to exist to prevent bold decisions- But what about the not so bold decisions? People can't talk about anything except the debt crisis these days-- So why not make a radical change in policy and see what happens? Nothing can be worse than what we're facing right now, so why not take action?

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