Friday, July 8, 2011


        You may or may not have figured out by now that we're all playing a game. The game of life. It's a common phrase, yes. In this game, we have no rule books. There's room for bluffing. The world has cheaters, and people who play by their own rules. Some people bore us constantly by using the same perpetual strategies, refusing to change things up.
        The fates, or God, or whatever power you believe in deals out unique hands; these sets of cards are equipped with our hereditary info, our characteristics, our intelligence. Some of this info should remain secret. If we share our hand with anyone else, at all, we increase our chances of losing. Our cards are sacred, a special extension of ourselves. So, make sure your friends don't have any mirrors set up behind you--especially if you have something to hide.

        Secrets are bound to spill (as in England, with the recent phone hacking scandal, or the wiki-leaks incident months ago). So make sure to hold your hand tightly close to your chest, keep it safe. When asked to reveal your cards, just say "Go-Fish," let other people keep searching around for the cards they want--don't let them get off easily with your hand. When so much of our modern world focuses on over-sharing, via Facebook or Twitter, our own personal matters are the only sacred thing left.

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