Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too Hot For a Post

Sitting in Irving Farm to escape what feels like the hottest day Connecticut has experienced. Have to admit I love the heat though. It's phenomenal. 

To suit the mood, here are some quotes from StoryPeople, 
I have a friend who took all the doors out of his house one summer. It reminds me there's nothing I have that's worth hiding, he said. No secrets is the key to world peace. He put them all back on that winter. I decided it was peaceful enough for me, he said. 
 What if we all got along & people loved each other & sang songs about peace? he said. Would that be a good world? & I said I didn't know about that, but it would be a good summer camp & he looked at me & shook his head & said, It's no wonder you're leaving us with such a mess.

 melting in the slow heat of a summer night, damp with the dark air & thoughts of you 

And a great Dave Matthews song (don't mock) that I love listening to in the summer:

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