Saturday, July 2, 2011

Keep Hold of Your Royal Flush

        He may have spoken truths. But just how true those truths were, she didn't expect to find out. First she thought in circles, tightly bound in the pits of her stomach. Then she let her thoughts run in lines again. She let them prance onto pages of notebooks and note cards. She signed them and placed them in envelopes, then hid them to be found as treasures later on. Mindful treasure that would serve as a document of history. Her face flushed when she read documents from years past; these too, will draw smiles one day.

        She isn't a fool. She believed in everything at first, because she had to. Then she realized how silly it is to latch onto the words of anyone else, because words are not solid. They represent, in their purest form, ambiguity. Interpretation. These qualities make language fun, but unreliable, and hurtful at times. She listens now, nods and smiles, but does little else. After all, life is a game of cards and she's been dealt a solid hand. But she'll be wise to hold onto her hearts until the outcome is for certain. She can't afford to gamble.

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