Saturday, December 31, 2011

Time Like Tides

We watched the tides changing in front of us,

Like the lines of time on our face.
The Ferris wheel revolved,
Fluorescent lights blinking consistently,
Like the bouncy tunes blaring from the black speakers
In 4/4 time, or something faster.
The smell of fried dough reminded us that
We were at the pier, and not
In a candy-coated memory.

You asked me where did the years go?
All those summer soaked days,
Buying ice cream cones dipped in sprinkles
Of pink, green and orange?
Where did those hours go?
Those hours we spent swinging our kids
Between us
Lifting them off the sand?
They squealed with delight, our
Little flying angels.
Each of those hours now impressed on me,
Like tiny hand prints left in sticky cement.

You asked me so seriously,
As if I had an answer. As if I would know.
Your eyelashes curved, smooth and black,
And I thought I saw one tear,
But it could have been dust,
As we stood there amongst the carnies
And young teenage couples
Clouded with hormones and curfew.

I couldn’t answer.
I don't know where the time went and
I don't know how much we have left.
So I just stared at you, cloaked in silence.
The years kept moving around us.

Somewhat inspired by:

Still Fighting It - Ben Folds
All I Need - Matchbox Twenty 

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