Sunday, December 11, 2011

Menthol and Mental Health

I've basically kept the entire cough drop industry alive this week. The cough drop industry, and the Tylenol industry. It's hard to get sleep during exams, but I've had to treat myself to 8+ hours lest I die of sickness and exhaustion.

English exam was somewhat of a mindfuck, pardon my French. I filled four blue books in two hours and used up three pencils and half a pen to do so. I have no idea if what I wrote is valuable, or just plain gibberish, but I'm not in a particularly wordy mood right now, so please excuse my lame post.

The combination of having a cold and taking exams has caused me to lose all sense of style, in addition to mental awareness. I've been walking around campus in my oversized army jacket like some kind of caffeine-junkie-hobo looking for a fix of espresso. It's not a proud look, but it's comfy, so whatever. Back to boots and scarves (and one cup of coffee a day as opposed to today's...7...8?) as soon as I get out of this place for vacation...two days? tomorrow? I can't even remember. I think its tomorrow, so long as I finish this Latin paper by the time I go to sleep. 

I've been somewhat of a Grinch this week, so I'm going to try to get into the Christmas spirit by stirring a candy cane into my coffee and turning on some holiday music. Just took a sip of the peppermint coffee. I'm officially recommending it. Way cheaper to buy a candy cane than a Starbucks signature drink (and I live in the boondocks, so there's no Starbucks around anyway).

This is slowly tapering into a stream of consciousness, which won't end up being pretty, I can guarantee. So have a good night--- wish on a star, decorate a tree, sing a carol and all that good December stuff.


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