Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Small Town Adventures

I'm a fan of Christmas lights. I think holiday displays, when done tastefully, are gorgeous.
My town, however, has some really questionable setups.
A 10 foot fluorescent snow man, for instance, occupies one lawn. To add salt to that wound, he's holding a huge sign that says North Pole This Way.
Slightly tacky, but not as bad as the house down the street from that. That lawn is decorated with angels made of cotton balls and pink flamingos...as if this were Florida or something! Flamingos?

I guess we all have our own standards for style and sensibility. One house down the street has several red candy canes marking their path. Unobtrusive, quaint, the perfect decorations. I don't get vertigo driving by their house at night.

I was making my way to the post office, bank & gas station (oh, what an outing). I was rolling down a very large hill, enjoying the miracle of gravity as I watched the speedometer peek, when I saw a black Range Rover, with New York plates, of course, pulled over. Out of curiosity, I slowed down. They were pointing in anticipation across the street. A couple of chickens. They were pointing at the chickens in the field. If you really need to pull over to look at some poultry, if you find the simplicity of farm life interesting, you should think about getting out of that concrete jungle a bit more. I braked for nothing. Nothing out of the usual, that is.

I did see some very pretty pheasants however, wandering about in another field. They might be worth a slow pass, but I have seen them roaming around since October. We had a huge storm a few months ago, and the pheasant farm's pens collapsed. All the birds escaped, and we see them from time to time. I wonder why those farmers don't make more of an effort to capture the beautiful birds.

A lame adventure, I'll admit. I often get restless in this town. I often ache to leave. But this week I've been content with the calm. I've been accepting of the solitude. Sleepy Hollow may not be as bad as I make it out to be. Let's see how long this lasts..!

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