Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

Webs of starlight stretched out for miles across the sky.
The best stargazing I’ve ever witnessed.
As I was driving home,
I asked for a shooting star,
And whether it was New Year’s luck or something else,
I don’t know,
But as I stood in my driveway,
I saw it dart across the sky.
Magic straight from space.

Magic at three a.m.
In nowheresville.
At least in that moment it was.

Moments of quiet reflection-
Of laughter and modest pride
Of simplicity and
Delicate dreams we pray burst into existence.
Moments that sparkle and bubble over
The tops of champagne glasses.
Proseco glasses. Asti Spumanti glasses.

So here we are in 2012,
With the whole year stretched out in front of us.
A blank canvas
Just asking for a masterpiece.
Asking us to remember,
Who we are and what we want.
Asking us to forget,
About limitations of the past.
Asking us to make this
A year for the books. 

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