Thursday, December 15, 2011

Chips Falling & Chocolate Cake

Whether or not the carefree mantra I adopted yesterday
affected today,
I cannot say, or prove, or even try to.
But I'm glad I was a relaxed as I was.
It made the good news all the more enjoyable,
not a sigh of relief, but one of simple joy.

My entire confidence theory is just that,
a theory.
A thing I came up with in 10th grade
to try to pull myself out of a small rut.
To undistract myself,
and reravel myself
around the spool of my dreams.
And as far as I'm concerned,
it works for me. I'll keep it as a philosophy.
Confidence Kills.

So one chip down. In the right slot, as far as I'm concerned!
We all rushed out to dinner,
to clink glasses
and eat my favorite gluten-free chocolate cake.
Great night. Pleasantly stuffed.

Waking up in 5 hours to go to Florida.
I'll be spending the weekend doing the following:
3. trying to digest the fact that I just got into college...scary/awesome,
2. going to see Harry Potter-ville at Universal...just awesome
and one of the most exciting I can think of,
1. seeing my very best friend Michelle for the first time in three years...spectacular/unfathomable.

Big stuff. Need sleep.
Be back Monday!


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