Thursday, October 27, 2011


I spent my whole summer wanting to leave this cold, dark, disgusting corner of America. I thought I'd fly away and never look back. Bound for the sunny beaches of California, or the warm, southern flare of the Carolinas. Sun beckoned me. Just the thought of humid skies made my cheeks flush.

And then I walked outside tonight into a whole sky of flakeage. Crystals floating down effortlessly. Silently. And it made my night.  I realized that maybe New England has some charm. Maybe I'm not quite ready to leave.

But that decision doesn't have to be made for some time. I'm on a waiting train now. Waiting for college acceptances, new plans, newness of any sort that might give me a flutter of excitement.

While you're reading tonight, listen to my new favorite song. (or just a favorite of the week.)

Left to my own devices tonight. (Another great song by Soul Asylum. Click to listen.)

Enjoying the snow. Maybe some vanilla tea.

Until later,

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