Friday, October 28, 2011

Legs of Ice

What is this mess she harbors,
tangled up inside-
Is it a torment
Or is it imposed
by someone else,
Someone Who,
as the night blackens,
fills heads like hers with sorrow
grief and lingering memories?
Who revels in the idea of Power--
Who cares not for the sanctity of her balanced scale?

Whose shadow is that,
Lurking around the corner,
Beckoning her to follow?
Whose shadow remains
Long after the sun has set--
Is it the ghost of a lonely lover,
She tried so hard to forget?

What song is that
Resonating in the stagnant air
Tickling her reluctant ears?
What melody still rings,
Petering above the hollow ground
In a world where all that’s left
Is the likeness of a familiar sound?


She decided it was time
To remove the
limited time offer sticker.
She likes to make the rules,

But doesn’t like to be the only one
Running laps around the field,

with legs cold as ice, stable as jello.

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