Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Songs

Been into a warm, mellow, fall sound recently. Solid, contemplative lyrics, quality sound, the kind that makes you happy and sad at the same time. The kind that resounds in your head long after the song ends. The songs you can replay without getting bored. The lyrics you can relate to, though sometimes you wish you couldn't, for fear of being too...pensive? Not the right word. Regardless, make some cocoa, prepare for the huge snow storm (if you're in New England, I guess that's what happening now?), or just listen to this. Es magico.

"Stand watching from the steady shore
Feeling wide open and waiting for
Something warm and tender"

"Turns me inside out in a way
I can't define.
Oh I need somebody who won't see through me
Was happy living a lie."
-And it just gets better from there... 

And also:

And my new obsession:
Her voice is just...amazing.

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