Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Floating In Deep Blue

Inspired by 
I Only Wear Blue by Dr. Dog.

"When you can’t be yourself
There’s just too much to be

Let’s get on with it,
We haven’t got too much time.
And I don’t want to stay here,
Where the sun don’t ever shine.
So say the word, and open up the blinds."
All these years we’ve lectured
Each other
About what’s right
And what’s wrong.
Lectured ourselves
About futures,
About cashing it in,
About being the best we can possibly be.

But now that talk means nothing.
Now we’re growing up, 
growing old,
and Time is picking up its pace.
We haven’t got a second
To spend on morals and plans.
We’ve got to live faster than the
Arms on that clock can spin.
Leaden arms circling around,
Marking the days so elegantly.
So painfully.

They sit in the corner,
Two fractions
Of a part.
Hindered by lectures,
Lessons and guidelines.

They’re two fractions
Of a masterpiece.
Puzzle pieces that
Hardly reveal the
Entire picture.
But they try their best
To fill in the gaps.
To be enough for

To be enough
For each other.

She gets anxious
As the days pass,
Because she knows
Time is shortening.
She can feel the tension.

What happens
If we don’t make it?
What happens
If we are wrong,
And have done wrong,
And have been wronged?
Who can save us from
The reality of that end,
Which lurks somewhere
Not too far in the distance?

What happens
If we play by those rules,
If we get sucked into the tide?
If we let time win?

Everything that can
Tear them apart,
Will tear them apart.

They will be torn apart.

Time wears on.
They just sit
And think and stare
At each other,
At the clock,
At the distance.
They just sit and
Reflect on all they’ve
Ever known.
It’s all they’ve ever
Been taught to do.
What happens?
We will be torn apart.

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