Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Songs

An amazing song by the White Stripes performed by
in sign language.
If you go to youtube, lots of songs have been done
in ASL for those who cannot hear.

On a different note,
I was surfing around TedTalks yesterday in search of something interesting.
(Never hard to find on that site.)
I landed on the new motto,
less is more
after watching
Graham Hill talk about editing your life.
I'm not sure that I fully agree with his "multi-functional" house.
Digitizing seems kind of weird to me. I'm old fashioned in that regard.

< = >

But other than that, it makes sense. When we free ourselves from the burdens of
junk, stuff, boxes, clothes, whatever,
we're lighter. We're freer.
We lose 5-10 pounds after winter ends;
dogs shed their thick coats.
Taking this mantra on in other ways may prove
beneficial. For, when we stop focusing on our
we can start focusing on ourselves
our friends
our lives.

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