Friday, November 25, 2011

Cherry on Top

Went through this phase of despondency once...or twice. Thrice? Well, don't we all? I questioned just about everything. It was tragic, to a degree. Well, those days are in the past now. But I found this sample of writing from back then. I was overlooking a lake, listening quite contentedly to my Ipod. I took the first line from each song that played, and built from there. This one's from Lazlo Bane's Superman,  yes, the theme song for Scrubs.

You've crossed the finish line. Won the race, but lost your mind. 
Was it worth it after all?

I've quite decided that it doesn't matter how much you puke after the roller coaster; those milkshakes made your day,
and the exhilaration of the ride topped it off. 
The maraschino cherry. Oh no, did that spark another upheaval?
Why would you want to limit your intake of joy or excitement, 
just out of fear that you'd be queasy afterward? 
Stomach's settle. Acid reflux heals. But you rarely get the chance
to relive that 3,000 foot drop, 
that feeling of suspension as your internal organs slosh around,
your mouth opening into a frightening scream,
your hair getting messy, carelessly.

If you thought about the possibilities before jumping on that coaster,
you may have limited yourself seriously.
If we all hold onto regrets,
and use them to judge our
future decisions,
well then none of us will ever live to the fullest.

If we become calculation machines,
designed for a lifestyle of risk management,
well then,
amusement parks will go out of business.
No one will drink milk shakes.
And what kind of world would that be?

What I'm trying to say here is that even if this all made me sick, 
I will always be glad I got on line. 
It was worth the wait, 
worth the terror,
the anxiety and the nerves.
When I order a milkshake, 
don't spare me the stomach ache
I want the whole deal,
cherry and all.

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