Thursday, September 29, 2011


The well has run dry. The cabinet's empty. We've hit rock bottom. There are no words left to write. No more rhymes or clever quips to extrapolate or remark on.

The past three weeks have literally felt a decade long. I swear. It's been like trudging through wet cement wearing stiletto shoes, or some other ridiculously strenuous activity. Senior sprint...or marathon?

But I've been keeping up. Brought in some Tibetan peace flags for my room. Found an air freshener so it doesn't smell like 18th century must when I walk in. Hung up some tiny lanterns by my bed. Started reading another crime novel by Don Winslow...entertaining, mind bending, questionable in regards to its content. Watched the new episode of The Office this afternoon, which brought on some serious stitches. I miss Michael Scott, but I'm glad the writing hasn't gone down in quality.

But I've been writing more and more for class and college, which has led to a depletion of blog posts, obviously. It's been a blur, but I know it will be over soon. Knowing this instills a bit of fear, however, so I try not to think about time. Just a general principle. Ironic, since I pride myself on good time management. Also ironic that this post is entitled "Dry," and there's a monsoon going on outside right now. Witnessed a sun shower earlier today. That was pretty cool.

Since I'm seeing the quality of what I have to say in this post decline,
and I have little to contribute to make it better,
I'm going to leave it with this:

Clip from the Office
 Not the funniest part of the episode, for sure, but still pretty funny.  

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