Thursday, June 23, 2011

Road Trips

Right now I'm planning out college visits. I'm excited for two reasons; one, because I can't wait to go to college, and two, because I love traveling in the car. You learn so much passing through different towns, reading maps, and researching places to eat, stay and visit.
My mom, brother and I are currently planning a trek across the country to the fabulous Southern California. I'm psyched. The idea of sunshine, warm weather and Los Angeles couldn't be more appealing. I'm all about the adventure, unlike my mom who grows disoriented at the thought of the major high-ways and traffic congestion...and smog.

Our trip isn't until August, but as we all know, the weeks fly by. So we're starting early in an attempt to block out the no-go neighborhoods and to make sure we don't end up staying someplace called "Happy Camp Canyon Park" or a hotel located next to a large, all-night running freight train, like the last time we visited California. We haven't had the best luck traveling in the past, so our hope is that if we put more planning in, we'll come out with better results... I guess we'll see.

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